Revue: Our premier tour

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With a small break we were on the road for 4 months in 5 different countries of Europe. We showed the film about 20 times, led workshops and did many circles. It was so relieving to get the feedback of the audience after 4 years of so much work and to see so many people touched and moved by the film.

We have often received two feedbacks. Firstly, that the film can inspire people who have not yet had any contact with the content. Above all, that there is now a film for everyone who uses such tools or lives in communities so that they can reach outsiders. “Look, that’s what we’re doing here!”
On the other hand, we’ve often heard that it gives hope and reaches people who already know the tools. In the many communities in which we showed the film, people could remember many things and see connections.

We are deeply touched by the many beautiful places, the inspiring encounters and all the living communities we visited on our tour.
We are filled up and even more hopeful than ever that the more beautiful world that our hearts know is not only possible, but is already alive in so many places! The alternatives are there, we only need to make them great and to implement them together.

On November 16, 2019 we will have an online premiere. At the beginning of next year we will visit other communities such as Schloss Glarisegg, and the film will be shown in the first cinemas in Germany!

On our tour we also did more filming and interviews. So we will introduce the community Steyerberg and the community Herzfeld Sennrüti in short contributions. In addition, a short documentary about the Global Ecovillage Network will be published soon. AND: There will be another film called “CircleWay – Permaculture of the Heart”, which documents especially the CircleWay of Manitonquat.

Stay tuned,

Heiko, Martin and Mia

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