Why we are working on this film project

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Why are we working on this film project? Why do we do something where nobody told us to do it? Something where nobody told us how to do it? Why have we been working on it for 4 years now and haven’t given up yet?

Why do we invest countless of hours of work, tons of money and nerves for this vision? Why do we go on several film tours, interview different people, authors, scientists, philosophers, artists and circle experts? Why do we survive every crisis, however strong it may be, and yet find ourselves back together as a team? Why do we stick with it, even if it sometimes seems hopeless? Why do we go through so much fear, sadness and anger, which arise directly or indirectly from working on the film?

Why do we do it without expecting anything for it? Why do we continue to work on it without payment, even if we can hardly pay our rent? Why are we holding the pressure from the many people who finally want to see results? Why do we make this film about the way of the circle – about a new culture of connectedness – when we sometimes feel so separated from the whole world? Why do we want to show alternatives, ways and possibilities of a different form of togetherness, even though we ourselves do not constantly move within it?

Why do we do something that no one before us has ever done – no one in our family and no one around us? Why do we set ourselves goals to which we must first develop and grow in order to achieve them? Why do we go on an odyssey for years to realize something that lies so deep in our hearts?


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