Charles Eisenstein: The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible (English)
Charles Eisenstein: Die schönere Welt, die unser Herz kennt, ist möglich (German)

Clinton Callahan:

Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther: Etwas mehr Hirn, bitte. Eine Einladung zur Wiederentdeckung der Freude am eigenen Denken und der Lust am gemeinsamen Gestalten (only in German)

Harvey Jackins: The Human Side of Human Beings. The Theory of Re-evaluation Counseling. (English)
Harvey Jackins: Die Menschliche Seite der Menschen. Die Theorie des Neuauswertungs-Counseling. (PDF German)

Manitonquat: Der Weg des Kreises (German)
Manitonquat: The Circle Way (English)
Manitonquat: Rückkehr zur Schöpfung (German)
Manitonquat: Return to Creation (English)

Marshall B. Rosenberg: Gewaltfreie Kommunikation. Eine Sprache des Lebens
Marshall B. Rosenberg:
Nonviolent Communication. A Language of Life

M. Scott Peck: The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace (English)
Gemeinschaftsbildung. Der Weg zur authentischen Gemeinschaft. (German)

Nanonationen und Gemeinschaften/ NANONATIONS AND COMMUNITIES

Nanonations Website:


To CREATE your own nanonation you will find valuable assistance at: Ecovillage Design Education: (only in English)

Diana Leafe Christian’s book Creating a Life Together (only in English)

Hildur Jackson’s books Ecovillage Living and Creating Harmony and her articles: (only in English)


Fellowship for Intentional Community: (English only)

Transition Town movement:

Diana Leafe Christian’s book Finding Community:


Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ):

Permanent Autonomous Zones (PAZ):

Arcosanti, Arizona, USA

Boom! Festival, Portugal:


Burning Man, Nevada:

Co-op Village Foundation:

Community Solution:

Damanhur, Italy:

Dancing Rabbit, Missouri:

Earthaven, North Carolina:

Earthrights Ecovillages:

Earthships Biotecture Academy:


Eurotopia (listing of EU Communities /Katalog von Gemeinschaften in Europa):

The Farm, Tennesee:

Findhorn, Scotland:

Forest Dance, Costa Rica:

Fusion Festival, Germany:

GEN Europe:

Global Ecovillage Network (GEN):

Fellowship of Intentional Communities (IC):,

Haslachhof, Germany:

Heckenbeck, Germany:

Kufunda Village, Africa:

InTerraTree, Togo:

Lammas Eco-Village in Wales – UK’s most prominent sustainable living community :

Lenzwald, Germany:

Lucidity Festival, California:

Nanonations Org:

Niederkaufungen, Germany

New Earth Project:

New Earth Haven, Bali:

New Earth Nation:

Oasis Design:

OTEPIC, Kenya:

Pacha Mama Camp, Germany:

Puls der Erde, Germany:

Republic of Lakota, North America:

Sacred Lifeboats /

Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland:

Sieben Linden, Germany:

Tamera, Portugal:

Tempelhof, Germany:

The Last Straw:

Utopival, Germany:

Valhalla Movement, Quebec, Canada

Vlierhof, Netherlands:

Yubia, California:

Zegg, Germany:

Zukunftszentrum Nieklitz, Germany:

Alternative Nachrichten/ ALTERNATIVE NEWS SITES

About My Planet:



Arctic News / Sam Carana:

Buzz Flash:

Collapsing Into Consciousness:

Care2 Com News:

Carolyn Baker News:

Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) News:

Common Dreams:

Conscious Media Movement:

Counter Currents:

Counter Punch:

Cromulent Economics Blog:

Global Research Center:

Grist Org:

Eco Village Voice – global online community & magazine:

Living On Earth:

Mindfully Org:

Media With Conscience (MWC) News:

Next Culture News

One World:


Peoples Voice:

Planet Extinction News / John James:

Positive News:

Resilience Org:

Truth Out Org:

Wadada News for Kids:

Yes Magazine:


1 Sky Org:

350 Org:

4 Years For The Fish

Ashoka / Changemakers:


Buycott (APP program):

Care2 Petitions:

End Ecocide on Earth:

Eye Contact Experiment:

Friends Of The Earth:

Gaia Education:

Games for Change

Grass Roots Peace:

Green Belt Movement (Afrika):

Good Country Index:

Happy Planet Index:

Homes Not Bombs:

International Tribunal for Natural Justice Committee:

Lorna Salzman Blog:

Mehr Demokratie:

Mother Earth:

Move On:

Natural Resources Defense Council:


Occupy Deutschland:

Pacha Mama Alliance:

Planet Ark:

Project Kaisei – Clean the Oceans:

Project Peace

Regenerators Org / Erik Lawyer:

ReSCOPE / Mugove Walter Nyika:

Resilience Circles:

Sepp Holzer Permaculture:

Transition US:

The Impact Hub – Global:

The Wild Foundation:

Thrive Movement:

Valhalla Movement:

Wise Democracy / Jim Rough:

World Changers, Transition Trainers:

World Prout Assembly:

Zeitgeist Movement:

Alternatives Wissen, Initiationen ins Erwachsensein/ ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION, ADULTHOOD INITIATIONS:

Authentic Adulthood Initiatory Processes

Circle Way, Germany:

Circle Way, International:

Circling: (english), (english), (deutsch)

Fellowship of Intentional Community:

Gemeinschaftsbildung nach Scott Peck:

Gewaltfreie Kommunikation. Training in Konfliktkompetenz:

Next Culture Organizations (deutsch):

Next Culture Organizations (English):

Nonviolent Communication Center:

Possibility Management: (English und Deutsch)

Re-evaluation Counseling: Online Thoughtware Upgrade Game


Soziokratie: ,

Alternative Gesundheit/ALTERNATIVE HEALTH

Artabana –selbstorganisierte Solidargemeinschaft (only in German)

Feelings Practitioner Training

Alternative Wirtschaft/ALTERNATIVE ECONOMY

Alternative Enterprise Design (only in English):

Become Money

Bill McKibben – Deep Economy (book)

David Korten – The Great Turning (book)

Gradido – Natürliche Ökonomie des Lebens (only in German):

REconomy Org – Local Economies

Video: Non-profit Economy (deutsche Untertitel):

Video: Non-profit Economy (English subtitles):

Video: Charles Eisenstein – Sacred Economics (Deutscher Untertitel)

Weitere Personen und Organisationen/ MORE PERSONS AND ORGANISATIONS:

Abenteuer Wahre Liebe, Germany – Heike Whitaker:

Aboriginal Living Skills / Cody Lundin:

Alexandro Jodorowsky – Psychomagic: (deutsch)

André Stern – … und ich war nie in der Schule (book):

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq – Ice Wisdom:

ANewGaia Community:

Anna Schuster & Paul Rogers:

Anne & Thomas Schmid:

Arnold & Amy Mindell – Worldwork, X and U Process:

Barbara Marx Hubbard – Foundation for Conscious Evolution:

Belief Closet:

Bill Kauth & Zoe Alowan – We Need Each Other (book):

Brad Blanton – Radical Honesty (book):

Britta Reichard:

California Home Schooling Association:

Carolyn Baker – Speaking Truth To Power:

Christina Baldwin & Ann Linnea – The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair (book):

Claudio Naranjo – Pionier der “Human Potential”-Bewegung:

Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor:

Co-Intelligence Institute:

Dagmar Thürnagel & Michael Hallinger:

Dahlia Abramovic & Katharina Kaifler & Cornelius Butz:

Daniel Quinn – Ishmael (book):

Daniel Suarez – Daemon and Freedom (books):

Danny Running Bear August – Four Directions Gifting Circle:

David Diamond – Theatre for Living:

David Holmgren – Crash On Demand (essay) Permaculture:

David Seacord – Sufi Cherag Reverend:

Dennis Gallagher – Samadhisoft:

Derrick Jensen – Endgame (book):

Design for a better world:

Dirk Schröder, Wildnisschule Chiemgau:

Donnie Maclurcan – What On Earth (book) Post Growth Org:

Doyle Canning – Center for Story Based Strategy:

Dragon Dreaming International:

Dream Change:

Duane Elgin – Awakening Earth (book) Great Transition Stories:

Edible Schoolyard:

Elevate Films

Engaged Mindfulness Institute:

Feuerlauf, Germany:

Food Revolution Network:

Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé – Small Planet (book):

Frederick Churchill – Winga (next generation wind turbine):

Fü(hr) den Wandel:

Gesellschaft für angewandte Tiefenökologie (Deep Ecology):

Gesundheit Institute / Patch Adams:

Gewaltfreie Kommunikation, Klaus Kilmer-Kirsch & Monika Flörchinger –,

Green School, Bali:

Group 8 Education, Australia:

Herwig Kopp – Normalum:

Homaya Amar & Yuval Rivlin – Divine Intervention:

Howard Mason – New Possibilities Associates:


James Hansen – Storms of My Grandchildren (book):

Jean Francois Rischard – High Noon book:

Jeremy Rifkin – The Empathic Civilization (RSA video):

Jim & Jean Rough – Dynamic Facilitation:
Wise Democracy:

Joachim Müller:

John & Hilary James – Planet Extinction:,

John Michael Greer – The Archdruid Report:

John Perkins – Secret History of the American Empire (book):

John Renesch – Great Growing Up (book):

John Robb – Brave New War (book):

John Shearer – Mindfulness Coach:

John & Jennifer Welwood – Something Will Occur Mystery School:

John & Vivienne Benton – Benton Productions

Jonathan Sprungk:

Kaos Pilot:

Keith Varnum – Fun Shui:

Kosha Anja Joubert & Robin Alfred – Beyond You and Me (book)

Laura Grace Weldon – Free Range Learning (book) Bit of Earth Farm

Lester Brown – Plan B (book) Earth Policy Org

Linda Adams – Parent Effectiveness Training (book)

Lynn Roberts, Healing Teacher and Shamanism:

Lysis Films:

Malidoma Patrice Somé – Of Water and the Spirit (book):,

Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa – Shaman:

Margaret Wheatley:

Marianne Zittlau:

Marina Deeken & Ralf Kolem:

Martin Drzisga –

Martin Prechtel – Secrets of the Talking Jaguar & Long Life Honey In The Heart (books) Flowering Mountain Center

Michael Pörtner & Michaela Kaiser:

Mick Dodge / Barefoot Sensei:


Monika Flörchinger – Gewaltfrei Trainerin:

Muse School:

National Coalition for Dialog and Deliberation (NCDD):

Nature Bats Last / Guy McPherson:

NCRTC YouTube Channel – Videos:

New Paradigm of Leadership:

Nicholas Joyce – InTerraTree / Drums for Development:

Nick Osborne – Transition Trainers:

Nicola Nagel:

Open Source Ecology:

OTEPIC – Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre:

Pachamama Learning Center, Costa Rica:

Patrizia Servidio:

Paul Chefurka – Approaching the Limits to Growth:

Peter Ellyard – Designing 2050:

Peter Kuder:

Peter Merry – Evolutionary Leadership (book)

Peter van Oosterhout:

Post Carbon Institute:

Raum der Möglichkeiten, Georg Pollitt & Hilde Mohren:

Rhea Bredel:

Richard Olivier – Olivier Mythodrama:

Rick Pursell – Cause No Harm Org:

Reflections Resource Center:

Rob Hopkins – Transition Culture Blog:

Robert & Rosalind Fritz – Creating (book)

Robert Wolff – Original Wisdom (book)

Robert & Lianna Gilman – Context Institute

Robin Hanson – Overcoming Bias:

Ron Bosanquet – Leonis School:

Ross & Hildur Jackson – Occupy World Street (book), GEN (Global Ecovillage Network)

Sebastian Goder – Films / Mind Life Balance / Power Bridging

Seeding Schools Afric:

School of Lost Borders:

Schweibenalp, Switzerland – Sundar Dreyfus:

SelfDesign Highschool:

Sharron Ragan – Intuitive Consultation:

Shayla Wright – Wide Awake Heart:

Sobonfu Somé – Wisdom Spring:

Social Innovation Exchange (Directory):

Sonia Willaredt:

Sounds True – Many Voices, One Journey:

Stefan Heyland – Spirit Journey:

Stefanie Heidtmann:

Stefan & Julia Mandel:

Stephen Jenkinson – Orphan Wisdom:

Stephen Karpman – Drama Triangle & TA:

Steve & Trudy Bhaerman – Swami Beyondananda:

Stewart Brand – The Long Now Foundation:

Suzanne Taylor – Mighty Companions:

SwitchOn Radio for changemakers by changemakers:

Titanic Lifeboat Academy:

Tom Atlee Blog:

Transactional Analysis, New Zealand:

Transition What Com:

Tonic Gold (alchemical elixer):


Unlearning (documentary):

Valerie Lankford – Four Feelings and What To Do With Them / TA:

Venus Project – beyond politics, poverty and war:

Walden Labs:

Warren Moon – Wilderness Awareness School (Anake):

William Glasser – Choice Theory (book):

Years of Living Dangerously!:

Youth Initiative Program:

Youth Passageways:


Verlage/ PRESS

Next Culture Press:

Genius Verlag:

Hohm Press;

Weitere Links/ MORE LINKS