The CircleWay is a process; an ancient way of getting together, that has been developed in socially different environments, during different periods of time. Hence, it was the circle that made our ancestors social beings. The pervasive isolation and hostility of our modern culture seems to contradict and reduce our humanity instead.

Therefore, the main aspects and tools of The CircleWay are as follows:

  • A caring interaction with children, enabling them to learn from their own experiences, in an inspirational and humorous way.
  • A mindful connection in relationships by means of an open and well-balanced communication.
  • Communities and societies coexisting in respect and peace, free of attitudes and beliefs.
  • As well as a strong and harmonic reconnection to nature.

Thus, the CircleWay is about connection. It is about relationship. Relationship to ourselves, to our families, to our work, our goals and dreams, to the Earth, and to the cosmic story of which we are all part of.

Initially, the idea of The CircleWay derives from the traditional wisdom of native elders throughout North America and their instructions that this knowledge be accessible to the world. You can get in touch with these ideas personally at the world-wide CircleWay camps that are organized by Wampanoag elder Manitonquat(Medicine Story) and his wife Ellika.

More methods that are based on the circle:

  • Talking Circle
  • Co-Counceling
  • Possibility Management
  • Sociocracy
  • Community building by Scott Peck
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • The forum
  • and many more…

And remember, there is a way – for everyone of us!