The movie "CircleWays" will be released soon! Maybe at a cinema close to you?
More screening dates will follow shortly.

Would you like to screen the film? Do you know a suitable location? Are you even a professional cinema operator?

It's your chance to share the film with a lot of people, to start a dialogue and to bring a sense of solidarity and mindfulness to your surroundings. The next culture is coming, with you!

Just write your request to We will discuss with you individually what it takes for your event to be a success. There is also the possibility that we are live on site at your event and introduce a discussion or offer a workshop about the Circle Way methods. We are looking forward to it!

The expanse allowance for a private screening including personal introduction is approx. 300€ plus travel costs/accommodation/food. We have learnt a variety of methods by working on the film. Depending on time and interest we can go deeper into certain areas. A simple introduction can include e.g. a Talking Circle and the basics of Supportive Listening. A workshop lasting several hours or even several days includes various communication and community methods, as well as intensive energy and emotional work.

Let's go!