Dragon Dreaming

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Referring to the current developments of our time, as well as our CircleWayFilmTeam work (Online Event Series 2022) we quote at this point another wonderful method developer and society worker, John Croft*.

He is the founder of “Dragon Dreaming”. This is a working method, much more an open method box, which is based on three essential principles, Personal Growth, Community Building and Service to the Earth.

“Dragon Dreaming provides simple, playful methods for brainstorming, planning, implementing, evaluating, and completing projects[…]” This method is for all people who want to make our society more eco-social.

“Dragon Dreaming describes and accompanies the
cycle of collective intelligence.”

John Croft writes:
Covid is trying to teach us five lessons:

  1. The world can change fast. This is a rehearsal for Anthropogenic climate catastrophe.
  2. We cannot go back to “normal”. We are living beyond bio capacity using 1.7 planets yearly.
  3. All those things ignored- homelessness, poverty, billionaires growth, poor nations, misogyny etc. for so long are now visible.
  4. We need to build communities as if our lives depend upon it, because they do.
  5. The only thing that can save us the liberation of human applied creativity on a scale never before attempted.

More information about the author and the method of “Dragon Dreaming” and the complete e-book as a download can be found here:


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