Preview of 2019

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A crazy and exhausting year 2018 has passed. We now look ahead to what might come in 2019 – what we are planning, what we need, what we want and what we give.

One thing is already clear: 2019 offers many tasks and enough room for us to grow. Our goal as well as our wish for this year is to finance our own way of life through our vocation, our work on spreading alternatives worth living. This is becoming more and more concrete with the completion of our first big project, the CircleWays. This also includes the distribution and marketing of the film, a cinema tour, further film projects, workshops, seminars and coaching.

In specific, the following things are planned for the coming months:

  • the sound will be finally mastered and the film CircleWays will be fine-tuned
  • we are expanding our shop so that we can offer the film and exciting interviews as well as t-shirts and other great stuff – here you can get an insight into our new shop
  • an interesting and inviting cinema trailer is to be created to give a foretaste of the movie
  • to  organize a premiere and a cinema tour
  • master and completion of additional packages and interviews
  • production and distribution of the DVD’s

Even though we can’t plan that far yet, we would like to show the film in as many cinemas as possible in Germany and Europe. After the screening we want to do workshops and talking circles. That way, the viewer becomes a participant and co-creator. The impressions of the film can be carried home with practical experience. We want to bring forth the method of the CircleWay as a common and normal communication tool in everyday social life.

Do you have further possibilities or feedback for us?

Mia, Heiko and Martin – Your CircleWay Film Team

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