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Right now we are in a very exciting and stormy time.
The energy is high, the pressure, stress, wounds and illnesses – everything seems to become more intense. Resignation increases and we would like to give up everything.
What would it be like to do exactly that? What would it be like to let go completely and let ourselves fall into it?

The time is also very exhausting for us as a team. In our work we don’t even know where to start. Probably just because our big project CircleWays, after such a long time, is getting completed. But there are still so many little things to do. The rents and running costs need to be paid somehow. Then, all the personal issues that seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Questions of dispute, emotions, shadows, old and new wounds. Through our own topics, all three of us in the team came to the same realization. In our last circle each of us shared his personal issues. It became clear that nothing makes sense in this time but to let go completely – giving up fully. It needs all our devotion.
The first impulse is to give up – let’s do it. This does not mean to throw everything away, crawling away forever or committing suicide. Snuggling up in bed or going into silence can be part of it, but we mean giving up energetically. Feeling powerlessness and helplessness completely is the point for (total) devotion. This can be painful sometimes, especially when there is so much pressure on you. But devotion has no alternative. Devotion is the alternative!

By giving up our will and at the same time surrendering to life, to the great mystery, to the absurdity of everything and nothing, we create the opportunity to flow again. First and foremost, giving up means acceptance. With the acceptance of all that is, we are in the beginning to surrender and to devote ourselves. As long as we hold on to our will and constraints, we will remain stuck in this place. The more we fight, the more we refuse to surrender to life, the greater the suffering. That is, to feel the hopelessness completely, to let go even of the will of change and to release into the flow. Into not knowing, not wanting, not doing nothing.

What happens then is as absurd as life itself. We give up control in order to feel that life carries us again. We give up, let go and suddenly we receive presents. We get insights, receive more connection and love, experience synchronicity, and feel inspiration, see new ways and possibilities. We suddenly dance in the eye of the storm.

We go back into the flow of life – let our life come into flow again.
Do not force our imagination upon life, but live it. At the moment. Now.

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