Gratitude is the greatest gift

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Do you already have presents for your loved ones? We have an idea for you that is extremely valuable: A circle of gratitude. Gratitude and appreciation are less common in our society. To tell for what you are thankful and how much you value your loved one, can be incredibly powerful. This connects us again and creates a warm atmosphere – just the right thing for Christmas.

What you need for a circle of gratitude

You need a stick, a feather, a stone, or something else that distinguishes the speaker and can be passed on from person to person. You also need your full attention, presence and, of course, the presence of your dearest fellow human beings with whom you would like to share gratitude. Then it can start!

Choose a room and decorate it. Clean it and air the room, if necessary. Take a candle or vase of flowers, something that stands for the liveliness of nature.
Prepare comfortable seating.

Come together in a circle. Say a few introductory words in which you explain what is about to happen and how it works.

– Speak of yourself (I-messages)
– Listen carefully to the speaker
– Do not ask questions
– Do not react to what has been said
– If someone does not want to speak, the stick can be passed on
– The circle ends when the first person receives the stick again and everyone has spoken

Maybe, you sing a song together to get you started or just sit in silence for a few minutes.

How a circle of gratitude works

A person starts and gets the talking stick. This person starts and expresses what she feels gratitude for, in this moment and in life in general. From the general to the very concrete.
Example: You can say what you appreciate in the other people who are in a circle with you, in general, which people are important to you in life and also what situations and circumstances you appreciate and love. Take your time, feel and let yourself be filled with joy.

We are conditioned to see the bad, to concentrate on mistakes and shortcomings. There are so many happy and beautiful things in our lives! Gratitude and appreciation are the keys to getting even more enjoyment in life. That’s almost magic.

When one person is finished, she passes the talking stick and the next person expresses her gratitude. You can work with or without time schedule. Try it in several rounds. Sometimes it is easier for us to open ourselves, when we hear from other personal stories.

You will be surprised how much you suddenly feel gratitude for and how much pleasure it generates.

Like this, we wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas with a lot of gratitude, closeness and connection.


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