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During my previous visits to CircleWay Camps I have always been impressed by the simplicity of the methods, the great benefits they bring and what difference they make. However, I have found it difficult to share the tools I knew from the CircleWay Camps with friends and acquaintances who do not know the CircleWay Camps at all.
It was time to change that. The other day I spontaneously became part of a birthday party. A good friend of my best friend celebrated. I had already met Valentina a few times somewhere and I was always fascinated by her charisma and the liveliness she has. Our encounter always left me with a pleasantly warm feeling.

On the way to her I pondered what I could bring her as a present. Go quick and get something at the late hour? But what? And why to buy something again? Claudius, our mutual friend with whom I was traveling, said: “Don´t worry, just come with me. You will see, we will have a good time!”

When we arrived I wished her that she would always feel and live her liveliness. Then she welcomed me with the words: “Oh how beautiful! Your presence is a gift to me”. There was a relaxed atmosphere at the flat, many open people and conversations… also something to dance. I felt well and got to know new, dear people.

In the course of the evening the group reduced in size and at some point the remaining guests gathered in the living room on the floor, including me and Claudius. The situation reminded me of our clan circles in the camp, but the mood was a bit more sad now and many conversations revolved around what is going wrong in the world. That didn’t feel good as an ending to such a beautiful birthday. I was grateful for all the beautiful encounters and experiences here. And this gave me the impulse to initiate a circle of appreciation. But then I thought that Valentina or some of the guests might feel uncomfortable with this idea cause I just came here with Claudius.

I pondered back and forth. The situation was no longer bearable – so either go or try. Finally I took my heart and submitted my suggestion. The others were interested, in part enthusiastic about it. Some, however, were a little more reserved. I began with my gratitude for this beautiful togetherness and received much approval. I expressed my appreciation to Valentina for her inviting cordiality and refreshing liveliness, often expressed in an infectious laugh. Visibly moved by my public statements, one of her close friends started to talk. It could be read on all faces that the mood, the energy in the room, had completely changed. The room was filled with love, gratitude and solidarity now . With many shining eyes and tears of emotion. Even the initially hesitant friends could not escape the feeling and there was a real competition to express every detail.

I saw Manitonquat’s quotation come to mind: ‘The need to give love is way bigger than the need to receive love.’ I could feel that so clearly here and now. I had opened the space to let love flow. What incredibly beautiful beings we are when we express our feelings. And how much beauty we are able to create. A wish came up for me: I decide to listen much more to my feelings and to act out of them. I decide to let love flow and not to hold back. Every encounter is an opportunity to do so.

The evening ended in a long hearty “farewell cuddle” and Valentina said goodbye to me with the words “You and the appreciation circle were the greatest gift for me tonight. When are we going to do that again?”
In everyday life we don’t always give gratitude and appreciation the space that would be meaningful and useful. The appreciation circle is a method from the CircleWay according to Manitonquat. Every single person in the circle is mirrored by all others, what they appreciate about her and what they are grateful for. The perception arises that she is seen and accepted in her being and with all her facets. A feedback that is food for our soul.

Enjoy your meal!-)

Do you also have such or similar experiences where the communication tools helped you? Then share it with us! We would like to continue this series with you. In our new section “WeWorld.Life” we want to report on the practical use of communication methods through experiences from everyday life and thus show how everyone can create possibilities for more connection and clarity. You are cordially invited to share your experiences with us! Write to us at [email protected] and we will publish your report in our next newsletter.

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