One circle closes – a new one begins

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Commemoration in honor of Manitonquat Medicine Story

On Saturday the 18.08.2018, the commemoration took place on the passing away of the co-founder of the CircleWay, Manitonquat Medicine Story. In a small circle, his partner Ellika, family members, relatives, rainbow mates and clan members of the Wampanoag tribe gathered at Camp Collier, Lake Wampanoag and spent a day and a night with ceremonial worship and sharing.

At the same time, many circles took place around the world, where many people remembered Story and supported each other in their feelings.

And also on the Internet, there were numerous signs of appreciation of his being and his work.

Now the circle of life for Francis Story Talbot aka Manitonquat Medicine Story closes here on earth and a new one begins. He has given everything to those who wanted to hear how to create more love, understanding and peace in our world. Now it is up to us to take responsibility, carry it on and to fill it with more life. The sudden departure of him in the middle of the camp season has led to the fact that some camps have already taken place for the first time without Manitonquat as a guest. As tragic as the passing of Story is, there is a wonderful realization. The ideas of the CircleWay go far beyond Story’s life. The tireless commitment of decades has led to the emergence of many stable networks and leaders who enable the camps to survive and function beyond his death. And that was always Story’s dream and wish.

Another wonderful message is that his wife, Ellika, has decided to continue on the common path and will be accompanying future camps as elder and teacher. In addition, Kiki and Simon, the next generation, have been named by Story and encouraged to share their knowledge and years of experience with the CircleWay.
We are very happy that the ideas of ​​the CircleWay remains alive beyond the death of Story and that his legacy can develop further. We will do our part with our recordings.

Which part do you contribute?

We´ll meet in the next camp!-)


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