Human Connection

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Finally a truely useful “Facebook”

In the CircleWay and also in other community interested groups, there is a great importance to human connection and personal exchange. Yet, digital connections are no longer indispensable from our everyday life. The human being is a social being and that transfers into the digital world – which must not be as virtual as it is often claimed. There are tangible, real effects. In addition to aready available information, opportunities such as crowdfunding (collaboratively funded projects) or online petitions offer unprecedented social co-design opportunities. Increasing networking brings the world closer together, and the Internet, with its many applications, is becoming more and more the nervous system of humanity.
We are now far away from getting information from the net only. We want to move and change something with that.

And that’s exactly where Human Connection comes in.

Human Connection is the first relevant – because completely professional – implemented network that is solely designed to serve the people. Common use, transparency and action are the characteristics that makes it new and absolutely sensible.
In times of huge obsolete power structures and increasing automation, Human Connection is an essential building block for networking at the very bourgeois level, in order to completely bundle and advance social interests!

It takes every single one of us to build a livable world. And that’s why Human Connection needs you! A network without advertising and commercial interests (similar to Wikipedia) can only be supported by all of us. To bring Human Connection into life as a serious, stable network, there are a few supporter needed who are willing to bear the monthly operating costs.

Take a look at the great features Human Connection provides, and you can see that this is a vital building block in the infrastructure of a livable world.

A network eagerly awaited is finally becoming reality! With you!

> Human Connection – The social network that makes the world a better place! (please choose english subtitle if not shown)

> Human Connection in 2 Minutes: “Bee or not to bee”(please choose english subtitle if not shown)

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