Outlook 2020

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This year, we will continue to focus our energy on the distribution of the film CircleWays, and we already have other film projects on the horizon, which will be released this year, or at least will be launched.

At the moment there are still few fixed dates for the distribution of CircleWays. We are in talks with various cinemas to organize further screenings.
Where would you like to see the film in your area?
Let us know or, best of all, organise it together!

At the moment the following screenings are fixed:
Kino Breitwand in Gauting (near Munich), 25.03., 7 p.m.
Kuliteplex Buchloe (near Munich), 01.04., 8 p.m.
Mathäser Palas cinema, Munich, 25.04., 4 p.m.

We are currently planning and working on further short and feature films. In addition to a documentary about the CircleWay and the life and work of Manitonquat, we are planning a crowdfunding and the first shooting for the film “Anders! – The country needs new schools” (current working title). It will be an extensive documentary and feature film documenting the revolution in the German-speaking educational system. Frustrated teachers, increasingly ill children, desperate parents – the school system as we know it is obsolete. What kind of education do we need so that the children of today can live a happy and successful life in the future? This is the question we want to address.

Furthermore, we have re-established a regular, public circle in our home country. Every last Friday of the month we meet at Spirit, Karlstr. 15, Cottbus. If you are in the area, please come by 😉

We will be going to different camps and to different communities again in summer. There are no fixed dates yet. You can find the current CircleWay Camp dates here: http://circleway.org/schedule.html

What is important for you in 2020? Where do you think we should focus or what else should we consider? What more do you want from us?

With love, heart and mind,
Mia, Heiko & Martin

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