Successes 2019

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It’s time to take a look back. What have we achieved since the film was completed in June 2019? What feedback has there been? What successes can we celebrate so far?

After an incredible marathon to finish the film last year, we are impressed that we have received so much feedback. After 4 years of working on this film, it now shows why we didn’t give up. A premiere tour through 4 countries for over 3 months, a completely sold out premiere in our hometown Cottbus and an online premiere with over 1000 people taking part! The film has already been screened in 9 countries. Wow!

Even more impressive are the feedbacks, how much the film touches people. That they remember something essential and want to try out or further deepen the circle methods in order to bring more connection and authentic communication into their lives and relationships. Some of them used a screening date to initiate a regular circle on site.

For example, a feedback from a cinema operator in Germany: “People were really enthusiastic, some wanted to join a group right away. So the purpose was fulfilled. For the first time after a film, we also sat in a circle with 30 people and held a round of talks.
All the best for you

Two other feedbacks to the film were particularly frequent: First – hope that a world in connectedness is possible. Second – there are simple ways to immediately change something in one’s own communication.

Furthermore, we have often received feedback from people who already use circles and other methods that there is finally a film that they can show their friends or outsiders to convey a feeling of what is happening there. We are especially happy about this, because it is one of our heart’s desire to spread the proven methods well and vividly.

A few weeks ago we received another very pleasant message: We are nominated for the Cosmic Angel Award and “CircleWays – Journey to the next culture” will be shown at the Cosmic Cine Filmfestival in Munich from April 22nd to 26th!

We all have so much courage, because another world is possible! Everything takes time and in co-creation there is nothing we can’t achieve. There is so much gratitude within us that this is now happening with the film CircleWays. We are totally looking forward to what the next time will bring and how the film will continue to circulate.

What has inspired you about us and our projects in 2019? What more could you wish for?

With love, heart and mind,
Martin, Heiko & Mia

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