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On our first shootings we heard the name Clinton Callahan several times. He was recommended to us for our film. So we contacted him and were invited. After an afternoon with an exciting interview with Clinton, we were surprised. We heard completely new words, ways of thinking and got an insight into the world of emotions. We asked ourselves: what is this Possibility Management? What’s it all about?

Clinton Callahan informed friends of him, Possibility Trainers, who had just started a small community. They immediately invited us to the Lenzwald and so we went there at the same day.

It was an idyllic place, secluded and surrounded by the forests and fields of Bavaria. We felt warmly welcomed and spent a few days at the place. Two Possibility Management trainers gave us a three-hour workshop. This introduction knocked us all off the hook literally.

Never before have we been able to go so deeply into feelings in a safe space, never before had we felt such energy. Much theoretical knowledge was suddenly put to practical use when we tried the “Possibility Team” exercise. We sat in a circle and a person got full attention for a while. Unlike the talking circle, the whole was instructed by the two coaches and for example, we sat to a person who represented someone of our lives. We should contact this person. Constant feedback came from the trainers and again the question: What are you feeling now? What are you feeling now? Beep, shift, go! This quickly brought us out of the concept of our mind, into the emotions. By doing that, we could start a new, authentic contact with the respective person. For many of us in the team, this day was a small turning point, where we came so deeply in touch with our own issues.

After the first shootings, Mia, Heiko and Martin visited the basic seminar called Expand the Box Training. We wanted more of these maps, new ways of thinking and we wanted to expand our box. With box, Possibility Management summarizes everything, such as beliefs, theories, dependencies, illusions, concepts, values, evaluations, attitudes, strategies, etc. Like everything we try to describe the world. Stories that only too often separate us from our full power, from the full range of possibilities. Our comfort zone, so to speak – and we left it far behind us this weekend.

In the meantime, we have attended various trainings and seminars in Possibility Management and many parts of them are firmly integrated in our work. Some maps, such as the four feelings, have become indispensable and have greatly enriched our lives and our project.

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