Global Impact – Interview Package

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Learn from 16 experts of the ecovillage movement about economic, ecological, societal and cultural topics. Experience the wisdom of living in sustainable communities around the world. See how we can make progress while caring for the environment of our planet.

Including authors, teachers, speakers and ecovillagers like:

Albert Bates, Kosha Anja Joubert, Achim Ecker, Jonathan Dawson, Macaco Tamerice, Robert Hall, Nonty Sabic, Ingvar Villido, Rupert Encinas “Flying Eagle”, Ethan Hirsch-Tauber, Ina Meyer-Stoll, Inci and Ali Gökmes, Jake-Jay Lewin, Mauge Cañada, Stella Veciana, Thomas Meier and Toomas Trapido.

+ full interviews of 16 experts

+ music bonus

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Filmed at the european conference of the Global Ecovillage Network, Lilleoru, Estonia, 2018.

This is an independent film project that has not been sponsored
or financed by anybody. Support our work, name your price and get the
full interview package plus music bonus material.


Including interviews of the following experts:

Albert Bates:

Lawyer, Author, teacher
Former GEN President and Chairman
Ecovillage The Farm, USA


Nonty C. Sabic:

Speaker, Facilitator, Shaman
GEN Board Member (Co-Founder of Rise Ubuntu Network)
Europe and South Africa


Robert Hall:

Politician, Election Observer
(Former) President at Ecolise, GEN and GEN Europe
Co-founder of Suderbyn Ecovillage, Sweden


Kosha A. Joubert:

International Facilitator & Consultant
Former Executive Director of GEN
Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland


Macaco Tamerice:

International Facilitator & Mediator
Former President of GEN Europe
Federation of Damanhur, Italy


Achim Ecker:

Landscape Designer, Facilitator, Author
Founding Member & Former President of GEN Europe
Co-Founder of ZEGG Ecovillage, Germany


Jonathan Dawson:

Sustainability Educator, Researcher, Author, Consultant, Project Manager
Former President of GEN
Schumacher College, England


Ina Meyer-Stoll

Former CEO of GEN Europe
Co-Founder of ZEGG
ZEGG Ecovillage, Germany


Ingvar Villido

Master Teacher of Kriya Yoga
Founder of Lilleoru Educational Hub
Ecovillage Lilleoru, Estonia


Rupert Encinas “Flying Eagle”

Spiritual Teacher
Native American Elder
San Xavier Reservation, Arizona, USA


Ethan Hirsch-Tauber
Founder and CEO at Worldwide Water Wizards Ltd
Ecovillage Tamera, Portugal


Inci and Ali Gökmes

Scientists and Educators
Middle East Technical University
Ankara, Turkey


Jake-Jay Lewin
NextGEN Europe Operations Manager
Human & IT Systems Support at GEN
Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland


Mauge Cañada

Psychologist & Facilitator
Arterra Bizimodu Ecovillage, Spain


Stella Veciana

Sustainablility Educator
Facilitator for Community Building
Ecovillage Sieben Linden, Germany


Toomas Trapido

Sustainability Educator
Gaia Education
Tallinn University, Estonia


+ Music Bonus:

Singing Plants

Macaco Tamerice, Damanhur


Self-made instruments

Sonja Vera Schmitt, Schloss Glarisegg


Rural Pegan Songs from Estonia

Kärt Johanson, Lilleoru