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“What connects humanity? What can a new cooperation look like? With exactly these questions in their luggage, they set off – six young Cottbusers with vans – across Europe.

The group of young adults observes, argues and indulges. As a reward, they discover age-old as at the same time new forms of communication that focus on values of solidarity, mindfulness and co-creativity. The basis for working together on an equal footing with ourselves and our counterpart is created.

The film CIRCLEWAYS tells of wisdom and at the same time explores modern knowledge from psychology, neurobiology and experimental community laboratories.

With Prof. Gerald Hüther, Charles Eisenstein, Manitonquat, Clinton Callahan, Gabriele Seils, Barbara Strauch and Dirk Schröder it becomes clear how feelings can be used as resources for personal development and self-empowerment, what effect communication methods have in conflict situations for the benefit of all involved and how through mindful communication the sense of community and the effectiveness of groups is significantly enriched.

A film that inspires to try out the shown communication methods themselves and in their environment, so that positive change can happen.

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Playtime: approx. 75 minutes

Subtitles: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish