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Why does it take sooooo long…

  • the project was and is organized and realized voluntarily. This means that we have to earn money in the meantime
  • the CircleWay Film Project consists out of several tasks. In addition to editing and participation in public events, this includes, for example, the annual film tour, which must be financed and organized
  • out of the “CircleWay method film” advertised with the crowdfunding program has resulted in a comprehensive multi-part long-term documentation as well as a database and a sfast-growing network. This is certainly due to a bit of self-esteem and lack of experience, but above all thanks to your encouragement and your support
  • due to the quantity and versatility of the resulting recordings, it was and is a real challenge to deliver all content professionally and visually flawless in 90 minutes within ONE! movie. To make the film entertaining and as easy to understand as possible there will be several films in 2018
  • we have reached our borders several times and went beyond them, personally and as a team

New strengths and great visions are set for this year, which will be structured into a clear path in the coming weeks. It’s going to be much more than a movie’s completion and release. We are ready to share the experiences and the methods that we were able to learn thanks to this project. Online, offline, virtual and / or personal. But you will receive more information in the next newsletter about (which will be published monthly).

We thank all donors, supporters, allies and friends for walking with us through this learning process. This is not just some movie; the process has changed our lives from the beginning – maybe yours too? It feels like we first had to mature ourselves and had to walk the path personally before we were able to make it public through a movie.

Now the time has come!

A-ho and best wishes,
Mia, Heiko und Martin – your CircleWay Film team

Actually, what happened to the CircleWay Film Project in 2017?

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