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Dear people

The world of the Circleway is a place where much change can take place. So much change that Manitonquat Medicine Story and his wife Ellika Linden wholeheartedly believe they can change the world. To make the earth a better place for all of us and our children to make us better people for the earth.

Now I’m on tour with Story and Ellika for several years. I am becoming more and more aware of the value of their work. For me, this way of seeing the world is very special and valuable. I watch this so often on my journey with the two. I also see the potential to change the world with it. Maybe not quite, maybe !!!

I believe so strongly that I have aligned my life accordingly. I work in the winter, so I can support the two in the summer. Story often says that without me they could not do that anymore. I organize the tour, drive, take care of there life, play tennis, take care of recreational programs, often keep the space so that I can keep the strength, help to design the workshop program and have started to participate in the teachings last year. Besides that, I am part of the normal camp program.

In my work, I have a lot of thoughts, what it all for Story and Ellika needs, how it could go on with the Circleway and where support is needed. One point in the future is the support for Story and Ellika when they are not so fit and more needy. Despite some people who actively support me, I reach my limits. I can not split me up and only use 24 hours a day and there is so much to do. I need you!!!


I collect members of a Circleway – Membership. These are people who support the philosophy, which story and Ellika – and me, bring in the world, so much that they support this financially.

If you support this work by Story and Ellika, have little time and capacity but want a change … then this is one opportunity! Together it can go !!!

But it exactly needs you !!!

To give you this opportunity, we create the “Circleway Network Europe”. An association for supporting community life and culture of peace.

Join the Circleway Membership with a regular monthly donation, such as at Greenpeace or WWF. With 10 euros a month and enough members to deposit, would be very helpful. Of course, one-time donations are worth a lot, but in the longer term, a regular contribution is better. This could be used to further the development of the Circleway, to create networks and the necessary infrastructures, to organize camps and workshops further and also cheaper.

If this donation method really proves itself and I can make room through the financial support to concentrate my energies even more on the Circleway, an energy reflux would also be intended for the members.

This looks like this:

Establishment of a support group for member members on Facebook: Members have the opportunity to register via Facebook or Send Email, to receive support from experienced Circleway people. Possible ranges can be:

• Personal support whit the tool of “supportive Listenening”

• ask questions: “how to start a circle …”

• My circle is not running smoothly, what can I do?

• Support of any kind in the sense of the circle

• Any kind of questions concerning the Circleway:

• Us …

Once a month a newsletter.


Till know we sendet six newsletters.

Possible contents are: Information about current Circleway events, info and teatching material by Story and Ellika like Handouts or short video clips from Interwievs or the Teatchings.

Later, a unified European homepage, which clearly links the existing websites and Circleway activists and activities, is under construction.

These are all possibilities that I already made or see within reach and want to implement everything at once and immediately. At the moment we are already working on it with our capacities and supporters. It is not enough. We want more!!! We want to be faster and more effective, we need you. Join in !!! To be able to really stick to it, It needs your financial help and regular contributions, because this process can be accelerated and strengthened a lot.


CircleWay Network Europe

IBAN AT083477000001928126 BIC RZOOAT2L770

Important: Once you have deposited, send me an email with your name so I know which address belongs to which name. Thank you.

As soon as we receive your deposit, we can add you to the members’ email list and Facebook support group. Our Stuff is receiveble monthly since 11/2017.

Important: With one-time donations you are not a member. Unfortunately, our social system is structured in such a way that people like to get something for their money and regular contributions without reluctance are rather reluctant. I would rather have it different than a separation between members and not members but I know no other way at the moment … If you know a method with which the Circleway can be financially supported and you are ready to support this method with, let it know me. I am very thankful for that.

Thank you from the heart!


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