WeWorld.Vision 2021 Mega Bundle


Selected documentaries, interviews, workshops and music

WeWorld.Vision production 2015-2020

We have collected the best material of our journeys from 5 years. Filmed in over 7 countries and filled with inspiring people from all over the world. To give you the knowledge and strenght in building the world our heart knows is possible.

Your package of hope and convidence for a good start in 2021

The pandemic, global warming, financial breakdown, social distancing… The list goes on and on. But amidst the height of crisis we still keep hope and confidence, because we know what is possible. That’s our focus!

Under the radar of modern mass media the Next Culture is being born. We are already building a regenerative future where we live in peace and harmony and share our strength and creativity in cooperation.

We have seen and documented it for you to be part of!
See how we can live in connectedness, abundance, and make progress while caring for the environment of our planet.

Watch and get up!

+ CircleWays – Journey to Next Culture

+ Global Impact – 10.000 Communities Creating a Regenerative Future

+ Game Changers – Selected Interviews

+ Supportive Listening – Workshops

+ Music Bonus

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This is an independent film project.



This mega bundle contains:

+ CircleWays – Journey to Next Culture

Are there alternatives to social solitude in our modern culture? Are there other ways in which we can come together as human beings? Is it possible to align our coexistence and togetherness with values such as connectedness, mindfulness and co-creativity?

We have set out across Europe to find answers. We learnt from ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples as well as from modern knowledge of psychology, neurobiology and experimental community laboratories. This film is (not) a documentary, but a way of living. A journey along ancient paths into a new culture.


+ Global Impact – 10.000 Communities creating a regenerative future

Under the radar of modern mass media, a movement is gaining momentum and people, communities and governments all over the world are interested in cooperating with and learning from them. The experience of the ecovillage movement sets an example for making progress while caring for the environment and the future of our planet.

Sustainable settlements already exist on all continents. Today, more than 10.000 of them are part of the Global Ecovillage Network. By connecting, educating and advocating, they offer many examples, tools, and blueprints for a future worth living.


+ Game Changers – Selected Interviews

Charles Eisenstein:

Author, Speaker, Activist


Manitonquat Medicine Story:

Author, Speaker
Elder of the Wampanoag tribe
(† 21.07.2018)


Ellika Linden:

Elder, Teacher
Freetown Christiania, Denmark


Clinton Callahan:

Coach, Author
Possibility Management
Possibilica, Nomadic Archearchal Nanonation Gameworld

Albert Bates:

Lawyer, Author, Teacher
Former GEN President and Chairman
Ecovillage The Farm, USA


Nonty C. Sabic:

Speaker, Facilitator, Shaman
GEN Board Member (Co-Founder of Rise Ubuntu Network)
Europe and South Africa


Robert Hall:

Politician, Election Observer
(Former) President at Ecolise, GEN and GEN Europe
Co-founder of Suderbyn Ecovillage, Sweden


Kosha A. Joubert:

International Facilitator & Consultant
Former Executive Director of GEN
Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland


Macaco Tamerice:

International Facilitator & Mediator
Former President of GEN Europe
Federation of Damanhur, Italy


Achim Ecker:

Landscape Designer, Facilitator, Author
Founding Member & Former President of GEN Europe
Co-Founder of ZEGG Ecovillage, Germany


Jonathan Dawson:

Sustainability Educator, Researcher, Author, Consultant, Project Manager
Former President of GEN
Schumacher College, England


Ina Meyer-Stoll

Former CEO of GEN Europe
Co-Founder of ZEGG
ZEGG Ecovillage, Germany


+ Supportive Listening – Workshops

6 workshops from Manitonquat Medicine Story and Ellika Linden

Whether in corporations, communities, families or relationships, whether for healing purposes, as brainstorming or as a meeting technology – coming together in a circle is an ancient and modern way of upgrading the relations to ourselves, to our fellow human beings and to our environment. It is the dawning of a new culture of circles with sustainable methods.

Experience the power and the singularity of the CircleWay methods. With a mind blowing documentary we are going to show that it is already possible to live an empathic, creative and authentic way of togetherness. The ancient wisdom of indigenous tribes hits modern knowledge of psychology, neurobiology and experimental communities. This film is (not) a documentary, it is live changing.


+ Music Bonus

CircleWays O.S.T

Soundtrack and music from the CircleWay culture

Singing Plants

Macaco Tamerice, Damanhur


Self-made instruments

Sonja Vera Schmitt, Schloss Glarisegg


Rural Pegan Songs

Kärt Johanson, Lilleoru