Current Status 02/2018

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We continue. Yes, we continue to build on our vision to spread the Circle Way and other worth living alternatives for a new culture. And we want to make the project as transparent as possible. What are we working on? What do we need?

The metaplan for 2018 will take its course, including the online premiere and the summer tour. Furthermore, work on the first online circle method game “CircleWayGame.Online” progresses. The public test phase starts before the CircleWay ~ SummerTour 2018!

In addition, short videos for social networks are being edited and will be released shortly to provide brief, inspirational and informative insights into the  CircleWay journey and movie. At the same time, we revise the individual interviews and workshops with a new level of knowledge. After that, these will be incorporated into the film and made available for the online shop, which is currently under construction. Through this online shop, we will make the films, workshops, interviews and other media as well as merchandising around the film available.

Until then, there is still so much to do!

Therefore, we still need support for this project and we are happy about every helping hand. For example, in programming skills, 3D graphics, technology (e.g. new storage media, because our server is busy), office organization, understanding and love, or just an open ear. Furthermore, we are also grateful for every monetary support, because working hours have to be freed up for the implementation of this year’s tour, as well as the working hours ahead of us at the various film contributions and information.

Help us and donate to the CircleWay movie project for more work minutes. Recommend us, our work and the project.

Thank you for your support!

Your CircleWayFilm Team

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