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Update on the CircleWay Film Team

Dear Circle Family, friends, pirates and discoverers of the next culture,

The CircleWay team is still alive and very busy with the editing of the film! It’s unbelievable! We recently had a team meeting to discuss how we are going to further proceed.

How are we doing?

As a film team we are in the processing of spreading our wings. Our film tour last year brought about quite a bit of support; both personally as well as for the entire team. We are also working on short videos for the Community at Lenzwald and the Possibility Management Trainerguild. These will be made available to the public at the end of this year. We just returned from the community ZEGG near Bad Belzig. We were invited there by their internal film team because we worked on the production of a film about their Pentecost Camp.

How far is the progress of our film?

The CircleWay film is momentarily 185 minutes long. Wow! There is still quite a bit which will be omitted, finely tuned and tape edited. In a few weeks we are planning the first testscreening before the film goes to its Mastering.

When is the film finally finished?

Everything is taking much longer than we originally planned. Everyone in our team has a family and jobs. Consequently we have decided not to publicize a date of release. We are simply going to try something new. The film will be released when it’s finished! Up until that point we’re just going to give it all we can, but without stress, in order to fulfill one of our standards, which is to bring forth a high quality experimental documentary product.

How does the funding look for this project?

The filming, last year and once during this year, has consumed quite a large amount of the money accrued through crowdfunding. Using our last reserves we will be able to produce the film. We will see what course things will take thereafter.

How can you help us?

We would continue to welcome any amount in donations, which would then be used for the post-production and the CircleWay Filmshow-Tour this summer. As far as help goes regarding work to be done, we fortunately enough, have an adequate number of people.

Best wishes!

Your CircleWay Film Team

Bank account for donations

WirWelt e.V.
IBAN: DE05430609671171438300

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