Geschafft - Done!

The time has come - the film is ready!

We spent a lot of time in front of the computer in the last few weeks. We are brave and dare announcing the current state of the film.The main part, story and cut are finally done, the movie is ready!

So far we can say that we ourselves were surprised and challenged by all the history of creating this documentary. Not only did we significantly expand our film design skills, as you will see - Thanks to your patience and help!

We also created this following small video to bring our love for you directly into your living room. Our Christmas present for you!

Watch the movie with your family, your friends and try out a circle yourself.

More information "about" and "how to" you can find in this posts on gratitude.

So, lights off and movie on - Enjoy!

We hope that the film will be informative, entertaining and also amusing to you as it is for us.

What's next?

The following things are still to do for us:

  • the sound is finally mixed and improved
  • Translations and subtitles in different languages will be added ​​(German - English - Italian -and?)
  • Premiere (s) plan and celebrate
  • Shipping and distribution of the film
  • Completion and publication of further special editions

For further questions, orders and bookings, as well as your opinion, feel invited to send us an email

[email protected]

Stay curious and stay in circle ♥