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Hello dear circle friends,
we're back - your CircleWay Film team.

Welcome to the New Year and the first official CircleWay (Film) Newsletter 2018.

Maybe you have already wondered when the "final movie" is being finished, why you have not heard from us for a long time and why the completion of the film actually takes sooooo long?

With this first newsletter, we want to take the opportunity to tell you about our personal story. In addition, we have many interesting innovations and news for you:
  • the first footage goes online! (see below)
  • from January 2018, the newsletter "WeWorld Vision" will be published monthly...
  • ... with new topics from the community and current dates from our network, as well as our
  • monthly presentations of newly finalized movie material
  • Test phase of the world's first online circle method game started!

    Before we continue with all the innovations, we take the time for a glimpse into the past. 2017 was a moving year for each of us with profound changes.
As a thank you for the many years of loving support and warm-up, here is the previously unpublished video workshop "Giving Thanks" by and with Manitonquat. →

The thanksgiving is an indigenous ritual to initiate various ceremonies like a Talking Circle

The story of our circle 2017

At the beginning of the SummerTour 2017, after having a real marathon to finish the film in spring, we had to realize that it was just not enough.

We have noticed through various premieres and feedback's that we have not yet arrived at the destination. Recognizing this after our spring marathon was exhausting for us. Personal topics were added and so, as a team, after three years of working together, we first had to take a break from each other. It felt like winter in the CircleWay Film project...

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[Not] yet done

Why does it take sooooo long...

Quite simply: the project was and is organized and realized voluntarily. This means that we have to earn money in the meantime.
The "CircleWay Film" is a comprehensive multi-part long-term documentation as well as a database with its own fast-growing network.

In addition, we have reached our borders several times and went beyond them, personally and as a team...

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We took advantage of calm after the storm and went into it, to start now with a blaze again:
Of course we know that you are eagerly waiting for the movie. So we will shorten the waiting time with our "thank you newsletters" and online publications...
To get an impression of what we have already filmed and worked with, here is an overview:

Charles Eisenstein Interview
Gerald Hüther Interview
Manitonquat Workshops
Supportive Listening
ZEGG Forum[...] Read More
From February 2018 there will be a monthly premiere of the Circle Way Film.
Chronologically, according to the first tour shootings, we will show in detail the individual methods & communities.

So stay tuned!
CircleWay Methoden Kreisblume kleiner
To get to know us better and what else we do, here's a video:
You have questions or
You want to get to know us personally?


Project initiator, self-styled Ideaner and soul surfer with a bear heart. For Heiko, the world is made up of ideas, languages and images. His life is to communicate ideas which makes the world a little more like many of us would like to have it today. At the summer camp Oelde 2013, Manitonquat asked in a circle how the CircleWay can become even more widespread. Heiko's answer was a spiritual, logical consequence of his path: "We make a film".


"With patience and perseverance Mia solves tasks assigned to her." That was already in their first grade certificate. In addition to her daughter, she gives her devotion to creative writing, making music and, of course, film editing.
Mia works since 10 years as a coach for personality and talent development. Since 2009 she leads the Spirit-Cottbus in the association of the Junge Initiative Cottbus e.V.


As a graduate in cultural engineering, he is the youngest member of the CircleWay Film family. He dedicates himself to learning and applying various circle methods, despairing in front of the computer, designing internet pages as well as making music. His dynamism and creativity are the main driving forces. Martin is a true multi-talent as a "pure solar mirror" and has recently started to share his transformational experience as a coach.
Portrait of the month:

Charles Eisenstein

Cultural philosopher, speaker, author

In addition to his liteary work, he is a public speaker and self-described "degrowth activist". He is considered an important theorist of the Occupy movement.

Quote of the month:

"...If you are all committed to a common purpose then you do need each other. You dont need each other for your survival but you do need each other like a band needs the base-player, like a band needs the guitarist. Without the guitarist then you not going to have, you know, you are not going to play your music so you need that perso. So in the same way as a community has a common purpose then everybody is needed or everybodies gifts are needed[...]"
Charles Eisenstein

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